Monday, March 28, 2011

prop heaven

I LOVE props. I believe it's an important aspect in what makes the photography "world" go round. Yes there are many different aspects that contribute to this but I feel like sometimes the most perfect prop can take a photograph from average to above. One might not think of props immediately when they think food photography, but to the contrary it can give the product an overall mood. Specific plates, their colors, and shapes are picked in order to create a consistency of brand and a comprehensive "look". Not only plates, but sometimes place settings or a faux room setting is necessary as well. For example, we have a client that wants to create a Summer inspired set for their product. So our studio manager, Urszula, searched high and low for the perfect plates, bowls, place mats, and glasses in the specific hues and shades the art director requested. The end result was an impressive display {if I do say so myself} that we have organized by color and shape for the client to pick and choose from. I get excited by just looking at all the summery goodness...Enjoy:)

{we'll call this lemonade yellow} 

 {I think these might be my favorite...all the colors of summer in one glass}

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