Friday, February 20, 2015

Grilled Cheese Burger

After a photo shoot this week, we were fortunate enough to have extra time to work on a new portfolio shot with food stylist, Liza Brown. We were wanting a new hamburger photo for the website, and we decided the bigger the better with this tasty, shot.

For the main light, Kevin decided to use glass blocks instead of a more traditional light modifier. Unlike a light panel or softbox, the blocks distort the light, and can be used to create speckled light that can form nice highlights and shadows on the food.

In the background, we placed different bottles, as well as a glass of beer to add color. Placing a white card behind the beer helps illuminate and brighten the liquid.

Using white cards and mirrors help fill, block and control the light on the burger. Doing this allows us to fine tune where the light strikes the food, helping perfect the look of the shot.

We shot several different toppings on the burger, like this one with blue cheese dressing. Ultimately, we preferred a little cleaner look without the dressing. The addition of the drip was nice, but we thought it distracted too much from the burger, and cheese.

Photo: Kevin Ramos
Food Stylist: Liza Brown
Here you have it, the finished Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger! There were only a few minor adjustments to the levels and curves in photoshop, but the photo remained largely unaltered.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Wrapping up Studio Renovations

We took a short break from the blog the last few weeks due to how crazy it has been around the studio. In addition to our normal shooting schedule, the studio was painted, cleaned, and is in the process of reorganization.

Our first step in the renovation was a fresh coat of paint for the studio. We decided to add touches of SGS orange to accent a few different spots in the lobby. I think it creates a nice warm welcome to the studio when you first come through the door.

Some of our artwork is in need of updating, so in the coming weeks we will have new photos printed for the walls to freshen up the space and show off our newest work.

One of our first goals for the our large shooting space (Studio 1) was to organize, make better use of the ample floor space, and eliminate clutter. One of Kevin's ideas to accomplish this goal was to use slat board to move items off the floor and towards the wall. In order to hang the heavy board, we first needed to hang a frame and mount it into studs. Using 2x4s and 2 inch edging, we built a simple frame for the board and mounted it to the wall.

Using different wall accessories on the board, we are able to hang reflectors, grids and other shooting essentials. Having the option to hang items neatly in the open will help Kevin and myself to save time during shoots. 

Besides the installation of the slat board, we painted and rearranged the studio. We removed several older room sets, and shifted the location of the client sitting area next to the windows to allow better light.

We plan to reorganize our other studio space in a similar way to Studio 1 in the coming weeks.