Tuesday, March 15, 2011


"The look of modern food photography is certainly becoming more natural and believable..."

This is definitely a trend that food photography is starting to take. Personally, I feel that it makes for fun and incidental looking photographs. Maybe incidental looking but, it is also what one would expect out of their meals. Crumbs here...spills there. It instills the popular Marilyn quote that "Imperfection is beauty..." or maybe a new Sierra quote "imperfect looking food makes for delicious looking photography:)" 

However "disheveled" or imperfect, doesn't necessarily mean the photographs are not styled or do not require a stylist {But lets be honest, our disheveled is not in the classical sense, it's more of a controlled disheveling!}.

The casual look of these photographs take just as much styling, as say a very neat & clean shot. When shooting for national clients, rarely is anything casual. There is always an art director or creative director that knows exactly what they want and how they want the shot to look prior to the actual shoot.  It takes a lot of work on both food stylist and photographers ends to create these visions. 

{At Sierra we tend to test the greatness of a shot with whether 
or not it looks like we'd want to eat it!}

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