Friday, March 25, 2011

details details details

Once again, the details of this job amaze me. When I heard we were shooting granola bars, I immediately thought "Oooh this will be an easy shoot." One would think such a tiny little snack would be a "tiny little" shoot. Definitely not the case, who would've ever thought photographing a granola bar could be so complex {now that I look silly of me to assume...granola bars probably have about 8-10 ingredients....ingredients are everything because you need to highlight them all}.

First off, one needs to "perk up" the product with some superb ingredients. For example, we receive product and have to pick the BEST granola bar from the lot. From there you take apart a couple additional bars and use those pieces to create a masterpiece {a raisin here, an almond there}. These "pieces" need to be applied with the tiniest of tools and, as I'm sure the food stylist could attest, the steadiest of hands {sometimes I think the food stylists could be surgeons!}. Maybe food styling is where creative individuals that could've been surgeons end up? Anyways, I'm here to go back on my original assumption...granola bars are far from being the definition of an easy shoot. No matter the difficulty at least we always have fun:)

{additional product for the "perking up"}

{yummy granola bars}

{precision tools}

{...lots of tools}

{the stylist getting the granola bar ready for it's close-up}

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