Friday, March 11, 2011

On Location?

Who wouldn't want to be shooting here?! The fresh air, beautiful landscape, and I guess having a beautiful model to work with doesn't hurt either. I know...everyone is jealous right about now. However, after I tell you this next bit of information the jealousy might fade because this photograph is not actually on location {What?!!}. Sometimes budget doesn't allow for on location shoots, so, at times, Sierra needs to get creative.
We actually combined a model, who we shot for a jewelry company, and a stock image {hello beautiful irish farmland!} Doesn't this remind you of the scene in P.S. I love you where Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler first meet?? Love that movie! Anyways, as I was saying, sometimes the use of stock photography is necessary and to be honest, who can tell the difference? Definitely not me:) Although it might not be ideal {mostly because I would really like to be here!}, it is a great substitute to the real thing and definitely creates diversity within the studio's capabilities.

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