Monday, April 4, 2011

The search for the PERFECT grill marks

Yes...that's right...the perfect grill marks. It's an art and one needs to know their grill personally in order to recreate a natural looking grill mark. You don't want the grill marks to look too thick, thin, or unnaturally spread out. Some stylists create an outline of the grill and grates in order to match the burgers to the grill that they will be photographed on. Like I absolute art.

I can seriously smell the aroma of the studio, on this day by simply staring at these photos. The whole place smelled like a summer barbecue! So cruel since it's just barely grilling season...soon though...and in the meantime enjoy the torture below:)

{grilled bun anyone?} 

{browning the burgers before applying the grill marks} 

{intricately placed grill marks} 

{sometimes a darkening agent needs to be applied to achieve the perfect color!}

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