Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Favorites

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the slight lack of posts this week but this week was very eventful at Sierra. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers are actually very complex contrary to what some people might believe. This week was spent shooting and styling their complexity, playing with fire {FUN!}, and assisting in creating great dining scenes for shots. Here are a few of my favorite moments and also "soon-to-be" blog posts. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

{styling sliders...the fine art of melting cheese} 

{setting up for a fun lifestyle shot of the product} 

{getting to see a pheasant while working in the back kitchen/studio!} 

{chicago style hot dog...a great chicago classic}

{the grill shots! i have a fun video of the flames and will save the excitement for it's own blog post!}

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