Wednesday, April 13, 2011

faking it

We fake it a lot around here;) As long as we're not shooting product for packaging that is {a big no no in the food photography world}. One instance being with beverages. It's not always constructive to use real ice in shots....seeing that it tends to melt {really??} and time is usually a major factor in shoots.
So that brings me to our little friend...fake ice. Yes there is such a thing and it comes in many different shapes & sizes as well as a few different materials. Ah the possibilities!
Some ice floats and some sinks and depending on what you're intentions are with the shot, one will probably be used over the other. There are even little 'tricks of the trade' to make the shot not look fake including spraying dulling mist on glasses or pitchers, in order to create a frosting effect {frosted mug please!} and then spritzing them with water to give the illusion of perspiration. Are you feeling cheated at this very moment? Please don't:) It just means we're good at our jobs and may even be considered optical illusionists. Which brings me to the main question...

Can  you tell which ice is the imposter?

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